Greetings on behalf of the Avondale Community Council. (ACC) The ACC works diligently to make Avondale a better place to live, work, play and worship. We are recognized by the City of Cincinnati as the official voice of the Avondale community. We are a group of volunteers working diligently on behalf of our community. We work on improving public safety, education, recreation, beautification, public policy, land use, social issues, property improvements, business development, community events and other issues affecting the Avondale community. Your consistent participation in the ACC is vital to the success of the community and critical to the decisions we make daily on behalf of the community.

We are in the midst of the revitalization of the Avondale community. We are collaborating with our city, institutional and social agency partners to implement the Avondale Vision Plan created by residents in 1995. The Avondale community is vital to the city of Cincinnati due to our ideal location and the fact we house great institutions like Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, The Cincinnati Zoo, Shriners Hospital, Tri Health, University Hospital and the Veterans Hospital. This great employment base is critical to the region. Avondale has a great legacy upon which we are building for future generations and for right now living! We invite you to attend our meetings and get involved! You are apart of our community and we need you to help us move the Avondale Vision forward. If you are looking for a community to call your own, check out Avondale. We welcome you to Avondale, a family friendly, diverse community with great amenities, turn of the century housing stock with all the old world charm and hand crafted details. Avondale will become the premier multi-cultural urban community living experience. Fabulous housing stock, walkable, safe streets, unique shopping, choice restaurants and a weekend destination for the city. Thanks for your interest and support of our community. Enjoy the moment!


It is Avondale's vision to be a safe, healthy, attractive, educated, caring community with a sense of pride and respect which will provide an opportunity to build strong individuals and families, and will assure political and economic empowerment for all it's residents.


Our Mission is to represent and promote the community of Avondale and to provide the leadership, direction and support to have a safe, attractive, healthy, politically and economically viable community.

Core Values

The Avondale Vision Plan was developed under the premise of some very basic and essential beliefs of what is expected by every resident, and by what should be provided to all residents regardless of their status or position in the community.